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  1. Hope for All Nations - (The Gospel of the Kingdom announced by Jesus is a message of hope and joy for men and women in every nation) - {PDF Copy}
  2. Exaltation of the Lamb - (The exaltation of the lamb is based on his past Death and Resurrection - The immovable foundation of his present reign) - {PDF Copy}
  3. THAT Son of Man - (The “one like a Son of Man” from Daniel is the source of Christ’s self-designation, the “Son of Man”) - {PDF Copy}
  4. The Shepherd King(Jesus is the promised king from the second Psalm who now “shepherds” the nations from his messianic throne) - {PDF Copy}
  5. Lamb, Shepherd, King - (Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb began his messianic reign following his death and resurrection, and now he is shepherding the nations) - {PDF Copy}
  6. The Anointed King, the Son of God - (Jesus is the promised Messiah, the King who reigns on David’s throne, and the anointed Son of God Psalm 2:1-9) - {PDF Copy}
  7. Lamb or Beast? (Humanity is divided into two camps: Those who follow the Lamb, and those who render homage to the Beast) - {PDF Copy}
  8. Why do the Nations Rage? - (Psalm 2:1-6 - Revelation applies the second Psalm to the present reign of Jesus over the kings of the earth) - {PDF Copy}
  9. King of ALL Kings - Ruler of the Kings of the Earth - (Revelation 1:4-6 - Jesus was exalted to rule the nations because of his Death and Resurrection) - {PDF Copy}
  10. The Beginning of the Creation of God - (Revelation 3:14 - In his Death and Resurrection, Jesus inaugurated the New Creation) - {PDF Copy}
  11. The 144,000 on Zion - (Revelation 14:1-5 - The Saints that Follow the Lamb wherever he goes) - {PDF Copy}
  12. The Unsealed Book - (Revelation 22:10 - The Time of Fulfillment began in the first century when the "scroll" was NOT sealed) - {PDF Copy}
  13. The Woman, the Son, and the Dragon - (Revelation 12:1-6 - The Son received his messianic following his death and exaltation [Psalm 2:8-9]) - {PDF Copy}
  14. Opening of the Seven Seals - A Synopsis - (An overview of the Seven Seals opened by the exalted Lamb) - {PDF Copy}
  15. The First Four Seals - (Jesus as the reigning Lamb opens the first four of the Seven Seals) - {PDF Copy}
  16. Unlocking Prophecy - (The interpretive key to understanding Revelation is Jesus, the sacrificial Lamb) - {PDF Copy}

Mountain Sunrise, China, Photo by Huper by Joshua Earle on Unsplash
Anhui, China, Photo by Huper by Joshua Earle on Unsplash