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This site is a teaching ministry of the
Disciples Global Network is designed to provide you with detailed studies on the books of Daniel and Revelation. The goal is to understand each passage in its literary and historical contexts. The theological center of the Bible is Jesus, and all God's promises and "mysteries" find their significance in him.

I am a longtime student of the Bible, and over the years, I have focused more and more on prophetic passages, especially from the books of Daniel and Revelation. My desire is to share what I have discovered with all interested parties.

Currently, I reside on Whidbey Island, Washington. All my posts are available free of charge, and NONE are copyrighted. Please copy, reuse, and distribute any of them as you wish. If you are interested in supporting this work, please pray that God will open doors for the spread of His gospel. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at my email address at - bear7755@gmail.com ~ David R. Maas.

Olympic Stream - Photo by Jachan DeVol on Unsplash
The Olympic Mountains - By Jachan DeVol on Unsplash