Preaching Another Jesus

When certain “ super-apostles ” began to undermine his teachings and question his apostolic authority, Paul reminded believers in Corinth that the “ Serpent beguiled Eve in his craftiness .” He warned against anyone who might appear among them, “ Proclaiming another Jesus, whom we did not preach, or a different spirit, or a different Gospel .” The Assembly must not deviate from the original message taught by the Apostles.

War Against the Saints

  In John’s vision, the “ Dragon ” tasks his “ Beast from the Sea ” with the destruction of the “ saints ,” and the “ Beast ” receives authority over all nations to do so. Humanity is divided into two groups: The “ Inhabitants of the Earth ” who “ render obeisance to the Beast ,” and those who “ tabernacle in the heavens ,” namely, the “ saints .” The “ Beast ” attacks the followers of the “ Lamb ,”  NOT  the nations of the Earth.

Multitudes from the Nations

The foundation of the biblical concept of the redemption of humanity is the Covenant with Abraham. It includes the promise that “ all the nations of the Earth will be blessed in Abraham ,” and that he will have innumerable descendants. Moreover, his offspring was to include “ Kings .” In Revelation , the fulfillment of the promises is portrayed in the visions of the “ innumerable multitude ” of men redeemed from every nation standing before the Throne and of the “ nations ” and the “ Kings of the Earth ” residing in New Jerusalem.

Antichrists in the Church

In popular interpretations, the Antichrist is viewed as a political tyrant intent on world domination. Whether this proves to be true, Jesus and his Apostles expressed more concern about the false teachers who ply their trade in the assembly. In passages that use the term Antichrist , it is applied in the PLURAL number to false teachers who infiltrate the church and distort the apostolic teachings, especially those concerning the Son of God. Thus the “ Spirit of Antichrist ” manifests itself in the church through deceivers and deception.

The Redeemed of the Earth

The Book of Revelation applies several terms and symbols to the church that is under assault both from without and within. The men who are redeemed from the Earth by Jesus form a company that transcends all national, social, and cultural boundaries. And “ tribulation ” is not an aberration to be avoided at all costs. Instead, persevering through trials and faithfully bearing witness in persecution are part and parcel of what it means to follow the “ Lamb wherever he goes .”