Become Faithful Until Death

After persevering through persecution, the ever-faithful church at Smyrna was promised even more “tribulation” but also exceeding great rewards .  Smyrna was a seaport renowned for its beauty, and it prospered from seaborne commerce. Unfortunately for the church, the imperial cult was well-established there. The origin of the congregation is unknown, and Revelation is the only New Testament document that mentions the city - [ Photo by Zoyalex Chaptor on Unsplash ].

Coming Storm

At the end of the age, Satan and his minions will launch the final “war” against the saints, the followers of the Lamb .  Several times the book of Revelation describes “ the war ,” the final assault by Satan and his earthly vassals against the followers of Jesus, the “ saints .” In each case, “war” is singular, and in the Greek text, its noun form is accompanied by the definite article. It is “ THE war .” And both the Greek noun and its verb form are applied to the same future event - [ Photo by Nikolas Noonan on Unsplash ].

False Apostles and First Works

The messenger at Ephesus is commended for *rejecting false apostles, chastised for leaving his first love, and summoned to return to his first works .  In his exhortation to the “ messenger ” at Ephesus, Jesus begins by stressing his intimate knowledge of all the churches in Asia. He is “ grasping ” the seven messengers tightly in his right hand, and “ walking ” continuously among the seven assemblies. Therefore, he knows their “ works and labor and endurance ” – ( Revelation 2:1-7 ). - [ Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash ].

'Rosh' Means "Head"

The Hebrew term ‘rosh’ in Ezekiel is not a proper name. Instead, it is the common noun with the meaning “head.”   Certain interpretations claim the Hebrew word ‘ rosh ’ in Ezekiel chapter 38 refers to the nation of Rus , the name of the medieval kingdom of Kievan Rus . From this, it is argued that, in the prophecy, Rus refers to modern Russia. Against this view is the fact that in the Hebrew Bible ‘ rosh ’ consistently means “head,” including in Ezekiel  - [ Photo by Jack Stapleton on Unsplash ].

City of Abraham

New Jerusalem will be populated in fulfillment of the promise to Abraham to “bless all nations”  –  Revelation 21:24-22:5 .  The book of  Revelation  concludes with a picture of the immense and glorious city of “ New Jerusalem ” populated by the “ innumerable multitude ” of men redeemed by Jesus from every nation. It represents the fulfillment of the covenant promises to Abraham of “ land ” and “ blessings to all the nations ,” and all “ redeemed by the blood of the Lamb ” - [ Vancouver, BC - Photo by  Daniel Seifried  on Unsplash ].