The Beast from the Sea

The “ Dragon ” was poised to attack the “ Seed of the Woman ” as he stood on the seashore summoning his “seed,” the “ Beast from the Sea ” and the “ Beast from the Earth .” Having failed to destroy the Messianic “ Son ” and the “ Woman ,” he set out to annihilate her “ Seed ,” the men who had the “ Testimony of Jesus .”

The Ascending Beast

The subject of the Antichrist raises common questions. Who is he? When will he appear? How will we recognize him? What is his “ mark ” or “ number ”? In popular preaching, he is a global political leader who uses military might to subjugate other nations and attack Israel in the Middle East. However, if Satan is truly cunning, why would he do the very thing we expect?

Unsealing the Scroll

An angel commanded Daniel “ to close the words and seal the Scroll until the season of the end ” after the last of his visions. In contrast, the Scroll is open in the Book of Revelation , and its contents are unveiled. Daniel was told to “ seal the Scroll ,” but the angel commanded John NOT to seal the Scroll. The verbal parallels are deliberate, and Revelation informs us that the time of fulfillment has arrived, and the Book is open.

Откровение Иисуса

В первом абзаце представлены цель, ключевые темы, главные герои, средства коммуникации и хронологическая перспектива Книги Откровение. Это “ пророчество ” в единственном числе, посланное Ассамблеям Азии, чтобы “ показать им, что должно произойти ”, заявление, в котором указаны временные рамки ожиданий - “ Скоро! ” Прежде всего, это откровение об “ Иисусе Христе ”.

On the Clouds of Heaven

Key phrases from Daniel’s vision of four beasts “ ascending from the Sea ” and the “ one like a Son of Man ” are applied in the New Testament to the future coming of Jesus and descriptions of the Kingdom of God and the sovereignty of the Messiah. What follows is a handful of examples.