The People of God

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  1. The People of God in the Book of Revelation - {PDF Copy} - (From start to finish, the people of God in Revelation are identified and defined by their relationship to Jesus)
  2. The Apocalyptic People of God - (The People of God in the Book of Revelation is comprised of men and women of every nation redeemed by the Lamb) - {PDF Copy}
  3. The Redeemed People of the Earth - (The company of the redeemed is a multi-national and multi-ethnic group) - {PDF Copy}
  4. A Call to Action - (Revelation 1:3The Seven Beatitudes of Revelation - {PDF Copy}
  5. Taking Revelation's Target Audience Seriously - (The entire book is addressed to seven first-century churches - {PDF Copy}
  1. The Tribulation of the Church in Revelation - (Saints are called to persevere through Tribulation and Persecution) - {PDF Copy}
  2. Is the Church Absent in Revelation? - (Contrary to some interpretations, the Church s present throughout the book of Revelation- {PDF Copy}
  3. The Antichrist - His "Military" Campaigns - (The language of war is employed in Revelation to portray the assaults of the Dragon against the saints who follow the Lamb) - {PDF Copy}
  4. The Isle of Patmos - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 1:9 - John was exiled on Patmos for the testimony of Jesus)
  5. The Nicolaitans - (Deceivers within the Church are a major component of Satan's war against the saints) - {PDF Copy}
  6. The Victims of the Beast - (The language of war is used to portray the Dragon's attempts to destroy the "saints") - {PDF Copy}
  1. Kept from the Hour of Trial - (Revelation 3:10 - Does the promise of help in their "hour of trial" mean the removal of the saints from the earth?) - {PDF Copy}
  2. The Innumerable Multitude - (Revelation 7:9-17John saw an innumerable multitude from all nations exiting the tribulation to “stand” before the Lamb and the Throne) - {PDF Copy}
  3. The Reign of the Saints - (Revelation 20:4-6 - Overcoming saints reign as "priests" during the thousand years when Satan is bound- {PDF Copy}
Kirkjufell, Iceland, - by Huper by Joshua Earle on Unsplash
Kirkjufell, Iceland, - by Huper by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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